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DMK Cosmetics Makeover
Professional makeup artist Cherie Spisso pushes DMKC to the boundaries and gives a model a flawless makeover.
Introducing DMK Cosmetics –a revolution in corrective makeup.After decades of constant innovation and critical acclaim, DMK has gone a step further and extended its unique, holistic skin concept into makeup. Our long-standing reputation for excellence in skin revision now comes full circle.Whether you are an individual with unique skin conditions, a post-operative client, an industry professional or simply someone looking for superior makeup, DMK Cosmetics has you covered.Quality without compromise.
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DMK Cosmetics - Tattoo Coverage
DMK Cosmetics, Tommy Parsons displays just how far you can go with DMKC and makes an everlasting tattoo disappear!
DMK founder Danné Montague-King has been at the forefront of
paramedical skin revision treatment for over 40 years.
Thousands of clients around the world have benefitted from DMK’s guiding promise –
to be the one you can rely on.
Our history is unique.
Danné was the first scientist to create a skin rejuvenation system that matched an individual’s biochemistry with the appropriate skin therapy. After decades of constant innovation and critical acclaim, DMK has extended its unique, holistic skin concept into makeup.
Introducing DMK Cosmetics – a new dimension in corrective makeup.
Under the expert guidance of US cosmetic industry icon Tommy Parsons, DMK’s long-standing reputation for excellence in skin revision now comes full circle with a brand new range of cosmetics developed to complement and enhance its revolutionary
treatment of skin conditions.
‘Until I met Tommy, I was still searching for the superior expertise that I needed to create one of the world’s best makeup bases. Decades of experience in skincare have taught me never to compromise on quality ingredients and formulations.’ – Danné Montague-King
DMK Cosmetics now bring the benefit of this experience to you.
DMK Makeup DMK Cosmetics
DMK Cosmetics > Foundations
Utilizing the proven benefits of botanical preservative complexes such as BIOCENCE™ -
a revolutionary new organic compound that prevents the growth of microorganisms
on contact - and a high pigmentation factor of up to 53%, creating the appearance of flawless youthful skin. The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is, quite simply, the best foundation money can buy.
The DMK Cosmetics Foundation Series is perfect for clients with skin conditions, post-operative clients, industry professionals, or anybody looking for a superior foundation makeup.
Create a lasting impression with DMK Cosmetics.
DMKC Foundations at a glance:
Highly pigmented for the best coverage and flawless youthful skin.
Advanced capability to camouflage and conceal facial imperfections.
Contain anti-oxidants and botanical extracts to nourish and moisturize the skin.
Compatible with all DMK skin regimens.
Long wearing - forget those multiple touch-ups!
Water resistant.
Heat Resistant up to 85°(186.8°F).
Variety of shades to match all skin tones to achieve natural facial skin tones.
Encapsulated pigments with natural preservatives - no parabens.
The first cosmetic in the world to be formulated with The Biocence™
Botanical Complex.
Smooth and silky during application.
OIL FREE, no harsh ingredients and good for sensitive skin.
Specially formulated to soften the look of fine lines and creases with Soft Vision™
DMK Cosmetics > Correction Colors
DMK Correction Colors are the first to use professional concept color correction and to apply it to higher quality cosmetics. Rather than simply 'cover up' skin discolorations - the typical approach of 'over-the-counter' products - our correction colors work to neutralize all types of blemishes by manipulating how light reflects off the surface of the skin. Clients need less makeup for perfect results!
DMK Makeup DMK CosmeticsDMK Cosmetics > Palettes
A true innovation for cosmetics was the invention of the palette.
For many years palettes were available only for eye shadow, lip stick and lip gloss.
Some professional companies offered small palettes of foundations.
This was innovative, but DMKC takes it to the next level with the DMKC Palettes.
DMKC has two types of palettes; foundation and corrective.
All palettes have the same high quality formula of DMK Cosmetics foundations and correctors and are available in replicable refills.
No longer will you have to purchase a palette only to use one or two colors then
the palette is completely useless to you.
Each color made by DMK Cosmetics is available in a palette size refill.
The palettes can be purchased individually already filled with series colors or corrector series, or can be purchased empty for refilling.
DMK Makeup DMK Cosmetics
DMKCosmetics > Loose Setting Powders
DMKC HD Translucent and Clear Setting Powder are an innovation all on their own. Formulated without talc or talc by-products,
this mineral powder sets any cream makeup and disappears;
leaving a luxurious matte finish.
Used with a powder puff, DMK HD Loose Setting Powder
is applied to any cream makeup and provides a matte finish to reduce shine.
DMKC HD Powders are available in 2 translucent tones and one perfectly clear.
A powder for lighter skin tones.
A powder for darker skin tones.
A powder for all skin tones and primarily designed
for use in correction and neutralizing procedures.
DMK Makeup DMK Cosmetics
DMK Cosmetics > Crème Glacé
DMK Crème Glacé prepares the skin's "canvas" for the world best foundation
by providing an occlusive underlying layer.
The only makeup primer of its type in the world, DMK Crème Glacé completely
covers fine lines and wrinkles, helps makeup last for hours and creates
the kind of flawless finish that you would expect from a professional.
To maximise the effect of this extraordinary product,
DMK Cosmetics recommends:
always using the DMKC Crème Glacé brush for application.
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