(*Prices valid on my work, if comming from another tech removal is free w a new set** if you have less then 50% of lashes at fill time prices may be adjusted **)
Mini Volum 2-4D: $175
Fill (2-3days)$65
Fill (3-3days) $75 
Fill (4 weeks+) $85

Volume 4 to 10D lashes Full Set$200
 2 week mini $75
2.5- 4 week fill $90
4.5 to 5 week fill $120

Mega Volume 6 to 15D Lashes $230
2 week Mini $90
2.5 - 3 week fill $100
4 week fill  $130

Volume Eyelashes:
With classic lash extensions, we could only safely attach one eyelash extension to each of your single natural lashes. We can only lash on how many natural lashes you have. This can be disappointing if you have not many natural lashes yet desire a fuller look.the New Mega and Volume lashes now give even natural-lash clients the option for volume they have never had before! Opting more for volume rather then length.Russian Volume Lashes is a  lashing technique where 4to 15 super fine extensions are applied to one single natural eyelash - SAFELY - creating a look so soft and full look. Whatever your lash look, volume lashes are suitable for everyday wear and a real treat on special occasions such as weddings:*Available in Red Deer,Ab. 
Being gentle and following aftercare is a MUST  for volume lashes. If you like to be rough, not follow directions and never clean your lashes then this may not be for you.  Refills can be spread out longer between fills then your traditional classic fullset.A FULL SET  in Volume can take between 2 - 3 hours, with refills approx 1.5 hours. 

(Actual picture of before and after of my work)
Many women suffer from damaged eyebrows or eyebrow loss due to:
  • over-plucking through the years
  • scars 
  • medical conditions such as hypothyroidism, alopecia, or trichotillomania
  • treatments such as chemotherapy
  • hormone imbalances
  • mineral deficiencies
  • menopause
  • aging

Women who have naturally sparse eyebrows, or sparse eyebrows due to a cause listed above,  have used many cosmetic products over the years to fill in their eyebrow area. 
Gels, Powders, Pencils, Pomades & Waxes...
Tinting &Tattooing...
 Until Now!!
What exactly is Microblading?
Microblading is a form of semi permanent make up which is implemented using a hand held tool comprised of between 6-14 micro needles hence the name microblade. 
How is it different than eyebrow tattooing?
Microblading is the process of implanting pigment into the basal membrane which divides the epidermis from the dermis layer of the skin to create fuller looking brows. Eyebrow tattoo is done with a motorized device whereas microblading is done used a hand held tool, also know as a pen. When it comes to the term microblading the hand tool is used to simulate hair strokes in the brow. Microblading artists also use pigment vs ink. Pigment has a thicker consistency while ink is more watery in texture and tends to have more staying power. Most pigment will last in the skin between 1-5 years, keeping in mind different skin types and the use of skin care products. There is no “spilling” under the skin which leaves the strokes fine and crisp. Naturally the pigment will exfoliate out of the skin over time causing the pigment to lighten.
Does it hurt?
Before the microblading begins, a topical numbing cream is applied to the area to minimize discomfort, followed by a liquid anesthetic. You might feel a slight discomfort but it is almost painless.
Can you describe what the first session in like?
During you first session (approximately 2 hours), we custom design your brow shape based on your bone structure, eye placement, face shape and other factors. The pigment choice is then selected. Once your shape and pigment are agreed upon, you will then be numbed using a lidocaine cream. 
You do not have to hide from the world after your service. Many clients can walk right out the door, ready to show off their new brows. Initially stronger in color your new brows will soften in 2-3 weeks. 
After your initial appointment, a touch up can be done between 4-6 weeks. It is not always necessary but it is helpful as it insures that the color is locked into the epidermis and doesn't migrate or leave the skin completely.
How long does it last?
Untouched, the service will last 12-18 months.
How has Microblading become so popular so fast? 
Trends change. Brows frame your face. The 80s style of full thick brows are back. Microblading is the fastest growing brow treatment in the world. People (yes, women and men) who have never considered permanent make up are getting it done. The option to change your look and style every 12-18 months, or change in personal appearance due to trends, helps people to not be afraid of the commitment like that of a traditional tattoo.
Is there anyone who isn't a candidate for microblading?
Everyone is a candidate, there are a few contraindications that may require a doctor's note in order to perform the treatment. A couple examples where a doctor's note would be needed are Cancer, Hemophilia, and Hepatitis.
Once of the most common questions we are asked is “ Can I get microbladed while I am pregnant?” We would not perform the service if you are pregnant or nursing. 
And now for the best part (everyone's favorite), before and after pics of happy GLAM'D clients
 *touchup must be used no later then 5 weeks apart or they become void*
Brow Menu:
Combo, or Powder Brow $475. 1st touch up included.
Touch ups  $180

Microblading with consult, 1st Touch Up Included. $375
*Touchups $150

Eyelash Lift:
Lash Lift is the newest in semi-permanent lash curling that works with your natural lashes. This is unlike the traditional perming system of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, which can cause the lashes to over-curl and look short and stubby. Instead, Lash Lift uses different sizes of silicone pads and each lash is “lifted” individually, creating a perfect curl for your lash length. With lifted lashes, your eyes immediately open up and lashes appear fuller and longer.Treatment is about an hour with results lasting 6-8 weeks. Make your eyes pop even more with a lash tint and semi permanent mascara, which can be done at the same time.
Ditch your eyelash curler and try a lash lift today!
Lash Lift + Tint $75
Lash Lift $65

Lash Lift + Tint with Home Treatment  (nourishes lashes in etween  treatments  )$100

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