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If you are looking to add length or volume or have other hair concerns, there are solutions, with custom human hair piece options from hair extensions to custom wigs. Consults available by appointment.

If you bring your own hai installation is $50 per Hr.


*Prices valid on my work, if comming from another tech removal is free w a new set** if you have less then 40% of lashes at fill time prices may be adjusted **)



  • Mini volume/Hybrib $175
  • Fills: 14-17 days $75           18-21 days $85         22-28 days$100
  • Regular Volume $200 4-10D.   
  • Fills:                     14-17 days $80
  • 18-21 days $90
  • 22-28 days $105
  • Mega Volume $230 15-20D.  
  • Fills:                      14-17 days $85.          18-19 days $100.        20-27 days$130
  • Lower lashes $45

Lash Lift is the newest in semi-permanent lash curling that works with your natural lashes. This is unlike the traditional perming system of wrapping lashes around a sponge rod, which can cause the lashes to over-curl and look short and stubby. Instead, Lash Lift uses different sizes of silicone pads and each lash is “lifted” individually, creating a perfect curl for your lash length. With lifted lashes, your eyes immediately open up and lashes appear fuller and longer. Treatment is about an hour with results lasting 6-8 weeks. Make your eyes pop even more with a lash tint, which can be done at the same time.

Ditch your eyelash curler and try a lash lift today!

  • Lash lift $75
  • Lash lift & tint $85


Brow lamination is a keratin eyebrow treatment that involves correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. Brow lamination is a two-step process. Firstly, a cream is applied that breaks down bonds in the eyebrow hairs so they can be manipulated into a new position. This is followed by a second cream that rebuilds these bonds and sets them in their new position. If you have unruly, flat or downward growing hairs, eyebrow lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape for up to 8 weeks.

  • Eyebrow Lamination $75
  • Add Henna brow $25

Henna Brow

Want the ease of permanent makeup but not ready to commit? Henna brows is your answer.

Henna is a skin staining dye prepared from the Henna plant. It is applied to the skin in a precise manner to tint the skin and hair for weeks. Eventually it will be washed away with soap and water.

  •  Henna brow $35
  • Add wax $10
  • Microblading $400
  • Initial 6 to 10 week touch up included (if a 3rd touch up is required it is $75)  
  • Touch ups $150 -250
  • Microblading is the perfect solution for individuals seeking natural and long-lasting eyebrow enhancements. Our microblading service is best suited for those who desire beautifully defined brows without the daily hassle of makeup application. Whether you have sparse or uneven brows, suffer from hair loss, or simply want to achieve a more polished look, our skilled technicians can create customized, semi-permanent results that enhance your facial features and boost your confidence. Say goodbye to penciling in your brows every day and embrace the convenience and elegance of microblading with us..


    Is there anyone who isn't a candidate for microblading?

    Everyone is a candidate, there are a few contraindications that may require a doctor's note in order to perform the treatment. A couple examples where a doctor's note would be needed are Cancer, Hemophilia, and Hepatitis.

    Once of the most common questions we are asked is “ Can I get microbladed while I am pregnant?” We would not perform the service if you are pregnant or nursing.   

  • Powder/hybrid $475

    *touchup included must be used no later then 10 weeks apart or they become void

  • Touch up 6-13 months $200

  • Touch up 12-18 months $250.             

  • ​Our Hybrid Powder Brow service is the ultimate choice for individuals in search of bold and defined eyebrows that exude elegance and sophistication. This innovative technique combines the best of both worlds by blending the soft, shaded appearance of powder brows with the precision of microblading strokes. It's an ideal option for those who desire a striking, filled-in brow look that still maintains a natural appearance. Whether you have sparse brows or simply want to enhance your existing shape, our Hybrid Powder Brow service offers a semi-permanent solution that complements your unique style. Elevate your beauty routine with this long-lasting, low-maintenance brow enhancement

  • Tattoo freckles $150

  • Freckle touch up $100


Eminence Organic skin care delivers the highest quality natural skin care the active products are created using European certified premium quality herbs, fruits and flowers buds, and are proudly free of Minerals, Parabens, Petroleum, Sodium Laurel Sulphate

  • Custom facial 1hr $115
  • Express facial 1/2hr $75
  • ADD ONS:
  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber:b$15
  • The deep cleaning mode exfoliates and thoroughly cleanses the face with ultrasonic vibrations that remove dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum. The skin immediately feels smooth, even, and soft
  • Tones the face and neck, stimulates collagen production, and visibly reduces signs of aging. It lifts the eyebrows, tightens the skin, reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, smooths out nasolabial lines, and tones the neck. Only 10 minutes with this machine will give the desired non-surgical face-lift results you are looking for.

    Hot bi-polar Radio Frequency probe activates collagen regeneration, reducing wrinkles and lifting the skin, using an output of 500KHz of electromagnetic RF energy. The wavelength of the infrared light is 880 nm - it activates the cells, promotes blood circulation and metabolism, and keeps skin healthy and elastic. 


  • firms and tones the face and neck, stimulates collagen production, and visibly reduces signs of aging. It lifts the eyebrows, reduces wrinkles and crow’s feet, smooths out nasolabial lines, and tones the neck. Only 16 minutes with this machine will give the desired non-surgical face-lift results

  • Dermaplaning $75 1/2hr 
  • (Dermaplaning is a skin treatment that uses an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells and hair from your face. It’s also called microplaning or blading.

    Dermaplaning aims to make your skin’s surface smooth, youthful, and radiant. This treatment claims to remove deep scarring from acne and uneven pockmarks on your skin. It’s also used to remove “peach fuzz,” the short, soft hairs on your face.

    Dermaplaning can be used for any skin type and anyone with:

    acne scars

    dull skin

    dry skin

    sun-damaged skin

    fine wrinkles)

  • Dermaplaning and Facial $150 1hr
  • Artic berry peptide peel set of 4(1 per week x4weeks)$275
  • Classic peel &Lift off Facial $300
Advanced skin peels work by removing the outermost layers of keratinized skin cell layers to repair and rejuvenate the skin that has been affected by age, sun exposure and skin conditions. Applying topical stimulation i.e. exfoliation to our skin on a regular consistent basis heightens the metabolic rate of cell renewal and prevents the development of many age related irregularities. Includes lift off facial 7 to 10 days after peel.
  • Dermapen Microneedling $400 per treatment(penetrates deep into your epidermis and the upper layers of the dermis to stimulate the healing response which results in:

    A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

    Immediate improvement in skin texture

    A reduction in hyperpigmentation

    An evening-out of the skin tone

    The elimination of acne and cystic acne

    A reduction of pockmarks and scarring

    A reduction of blackheads

    General skin exfoliation for better absorption of moisturizers

    Microneedling Treatment Areas

    can improve the appearance of uneven skin tone, acne scars, traumatic scars, and stretch marks. It can be used on nearly any part of the body, including the face, neck, décolleté, arms, hands, legs, abdomen, and back. During your initial consultation we  will discuss problem areas to help you determine where micro-needling may be the most beneficial for you.


  • Following each ession, you may notice a bright redness to the skin. The total healing time depends on the pen position used and the number of overlapping passes required to cover the entire treatment area. Redness may last from 24 hours to four days depending on the patient. You can help ease this process by utilizing prescribed skin care for post-treatment healing.


Special event MakeUp includes false lashes $120 includes false lashes 

  • Bridal makeup and trial $265​
  • Travel $35 in and surrounding area
  • ​.70¢ per kilometre outside of surrounding towns



Basic Pedicure $80

Basic Manicure $45

Russian cuticle manicure, nail shaping, callus removal & scrub with moisturizing massage. 

Spa Pedicure $85

Spa Manicure $55

Russian cuticle manicure, nail shaping, callus removal & scrub with moisturizing massage. Regular polish.


Ultimate Pedicure $90

Ultimate Manicure $60

Russian cuticle manicure, nail shaping, callus removal & scrub with moisturizing massage.

Gel polish Hybrid Manicure


  • Full sculpted or soft gel tips
  • Russian manicure, full rebalance included. moisturizing massage.
  • Prices include fill and basic color, salon art is $5 per nail. 8-10 nails or character art is $40 per hr .
  • Short $85
  • Medium $90
  • Long $95
  • XXl- XXXL $100+
  • Short $75
  • Medium $80
  • Long $85
  • XXl-XXXL $95+
  • 4 weeks plus considered a new set.
  • Solid color change $45, add extreme art +$40 per hr
  • Shape change $10
  • Simple/Basic nail art & stones $5+
  • Complex or realism art $40 per hour
  • Acrylic 3d art $5 per nail
  • Full crystal short $10 per nail
  • Full crystal medium $15 per nail
  • Full crystal long- XXl $20-25per nail 
  • French fade ombre $20 or $2per Nail
  • French fade custom color ombre $20
  • Removal w manicure $45
  • Removal w new set $25


Spray tan $50

Buy package of 5 get 6th free 

Eurowave Pro Overview

The Eurowave utilizes a pulsating faradic wave, to out the targeted muscle group, producing a measurable difference after ONE session and usually a dress size reduction after a course of

 10 treatments.

Eurowave Pro vary according to the number of sessions you book. The more you book, the more you save. Also, for best results we encourage people to book 10 sessions.

Price List


1 Session…….$75

10 Sessions…$649 + 1 free UCW Wrap ($250value)

20 Sessions…$1200 + 2 free UCW Wrap ($500 value)

50 Sessions…$2700 + 3 free UCW Wrap ($750 value)

This inch loss can be achieved any place the client chooses usually tums, bums, thighs, arms and bust are the first picks.

The 18-minute session is completely effortless, and is equivalent to 200 sit-ups, without any muscle soreness the next day.This is an ideal treatment for anyone wanting an overall reduction or a specific stubborn area. 


Lose 6-inches in 2 hours guaranteed!

for 30 days! Universal Contour Body Wrap - Overview

Universal Contour Body Wrap is the inch loss treatment that guarantees you’ll lose at least 6 inches in just 2 hours, making it the perfect solution when you have to look your best for that special occasion.The 6 inch loss is also guaranteed to stay off for at least 30 days so you can be confident of looking great long after leaving the salon. This may sound too good to be true but with average losses of 10-14 inches from just one treatment, UCW is the inch loss treatment you can trust.The Universal Contour Wrap doesn’t just deliver exceptional inch loss; the unique clay formula and special wrapping techniques the therapists use, also tighten and tone your body while

exfoliating and cleansing the skin so you will not only look great, you’ll feel fabulous too, after just one treatment. So whether you're looking to kick-start a slimming plan or target a few stubborn inches you can rely on Universal Contour Wrap to deliver instant results that will keep friends and family wondering how you do it.

  • $250 for just the wrap. 

  • Add a eurowave treatment $50

  • Universal Contour Body Wrap can be done every 7-10days 


Specializing in full body waxing for Woman & Men. All waxing treatments are performed with Satin Smooth Organic Soy Wax When booking for your wax, hair must be min 1/4 inch long. Book waxing on Wednesday and receive 10% off your service. 

  • Lip $15
  • Brow $20
  • Chin $15
  • Underarm $25
  • Half leg $40
  • Full leg $80
  • Arms $55
  • Bikini $45
  • Brazilian $75
  • Chest/back $30-40


Sooo happy with the services. Good priced! Always happy with my waxing and nails. Tiffany is amazing. She Is so talented. Love watching her pics of nails posted on instagram and facebook. Everything is handpainted! From disney to Angela wong.. I had grinch nails done and LOVED them. I'd rather it take longer to get beautiful perfect nails done the way i want them. Tired of going to places with communication issues and i dont get what i want. If you want perfect and gorgeous nails check Fig out!

Kim **

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